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How we work

All projects are built on micro service architecture, cloud solutions and tools. The department has mentors who help solve complex problems, share tips and useful materials for your professional growth. By the way, you can have a student practice or a paid internship with us and work with frameworks (Spring Boot, Spring Data, etc.) already at the start. It's a great opportunity to try yourself at the commercial projects.

Within the department, the SAP unit has been launched - it's a global technology, widely used software for enterprise resource planning.

What we do

  • Participating in the major projects (20+ domains)
  • Working with enterprise solutions
  • Spending code review for employees
  • Participating in pre-sales activities
  • Development and implementation of corporate Style Guides
  • Making solutions based on OWASP ASVS
  • Spending Unit- and integration tests at all stages

Our Team

Our team includes 150+ developers who implement projects in various areas: finance, e-commerce, tourism and others. We make sure that employees like the tasks assigned to them. We have made an individual training program for each specialist.

Tech Stack

Java 11-17, Spring Boot, Spring Data, Spring Cloud, WebFlux / Reactor, Lombok, JUnit, TestNG, PowerMock, Kubernetes, Redis , PostgreSQL, MapStruct.

bg Evgeny Kurylenko

Evgeny Kurylenko

Senior Java Developer

We don't just write code and do things on a to-do list: we think globally and want our work to change the world and evoke reactions

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