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How we work

We are united by common goals and interests. We are focused on choosing an effective architectural solution, the quality of the product, and the final result. Our technical leaders help each employee to develop high-level expertise in areas of interest to him, using modern technologies and approaches.

To always be on the topic, we hold monthly meetups. Our main goal is the high-quality and rapid growth of our colleagues. Also, we pay much attention to comfortable working conditions and a cool atmosphere within the team.

What we do

Individual approach and focus on quality development ⎼ that's about us. We provide each employee with:

  • personal growth plan
  • intermediate control of theoretical knowledge
  • regular code review
  • personalized clarification of issues of interest
  • intermediate feedback on the results of the work
  • educational literature

At the same time, we are for teamwork. We like to discuss technical topics, design a new architectural solution right on the board in the office, hold a meetup on a cool topic, or chat in the kitchen over a cup of tea. We are sure that it is because of the team spirit and the strong desire to develop ourselves and others that we can do what others cannot.

Our Team

The department now consists of 150 Python developers and continues to grow. We help beginners get comfortable and do everything to create ideal conditions for rapid career growth. There are many examples in the department when an intern became a confident Middle developer in just 1 year.

Tech Stack

Django, DRF, FastAPI, Flask, Kafka, RabbitMQ, Pandas, Matplotlib, Tensorflow, Keras, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL.

bg Ivan Shatuho

Ivan Shatuho

Head of Global Delivery Office

We are cool, but to be us, be with us - you need to work hard and constantly develop

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