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How we work

The main direction is a UI/UX design practice. The specialist develops the appearance of sites and mobile apps, analyzes the target audience and makes digital products easy to use. Department creates solutions for projects in 20+ areas: medicine, finance, marketing, education, etc. In our work we use such methodologies as job to be done, lean UX, engineering, and create cool user-centered designs.

What we do

We like to share the experience! That's why our team decided to create a monthly educational meetup “Design Saturday”. We invite speakers and leaders in design to learn about the latest trends and be on the same wave with colleagues.

Our Team

Today there are 13 people in the department: UI designers, user experience specialists, artists. When a new employee joins the team, we help him find an interesting project. We believe that work should bring satisfaction, and more importantly, improve skills and contribute to development. Now the department is one step away from becoming an independent design studio and working at its own pace. We are sure that good design is the future!

bg Dima Los

Dima Los

Team Lead at Design Studio

Our relationships with colleagues are based on 3 pillars: honesty, willingness to help and friendly communication. Oh yeah, and meme-sharing, of course!

Project Examples