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    business analysts

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    projects in various fields

What we do

The work of a business analyst is not limited to the Discovery phase. We support the client at all stages of the service: from market research and analysis of competitive solutions to change management in the developed product. It allows us to:

  • fulfill all the requirements
  • achieve the business goals of the customer in the best way
  • avoid inconsistencies and not miss important details
  • increase expertise in all popular domains and save time on discovery in the future

The result of our work is a unique product that exceeds expectations.

How we work

We analyze business needs, evaluate risks and formulate a clear and understandable request for the development team. And we help businesses to see the process through the eyes of developers, to understand it from the inside.

Our Team

Constant experimentation, analysis, the proposal of new ideas, and possible solutions - it's only part of the main work of a business analyst. There are 39 specialists in the department now. We know our business well and never miss opportunities to learn something new.

If you feel that we suit each other, we will be glad to see you on the Business Analysis team!

bg Alina Filatova

Alina Filatova

Head of Business Analysis Department

We build a team, paying attention not only to professionalism but also to the level of emotional intelligence, the ability to communicate, work in a team and show empathy