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How we work

"Experts in all major areas of testing" ⎼ that's about us. We have the skills and knowledge to conduct all types of functional testing. One of the main specializations is the testing of web and mobile apps. Our experience allows us to provide test coverage as efficiently as possible, distributing checks across all testing levels (system, integration, component) and test types (UI, API, UT).

Non-functional testing is an integral part of quality assurance. Our QA processes include checking system performance and security. We pay special attention to the ease of use of each app because this directly affects user satisfaction and project success.

Our specialists pay much attention to the test automation:

  • create and support it on the primary technology stacks (C#, Java, JS, Python)
  • build automation into continuous delivery and deployment systems
  • the results are available to all team members and allow you to get feedback on the quality of the product as quickly as possible

Employees of our department professionally build quality assurance processes from scratch and improve and support existing ones.

What we do

We clearly understand that QA is not just testing. It’s a complete cycle of quality assurance. Therefore, we always approach our work responsibly:

  • build reliable processes
  • meet deadlines
  • stay strictly within the budget

Knowledge sharing is a significant part of our work. We spend weekly sync-ups in regions where the employees talk about their experience and solve complex problems in a team. Monthly webinars for the entire department help learn new areas and technologies quickly and efficiently.

Our Team

Today, the Quality Assurance department has 70+ specialists in 5 offices. We hire both employees with rich experience and excellent expertise, as well as guys in junior or trainee positions who still have a long way to go.

We pay much attention to the development and training of interns. Our mentors not only train young employees but also constantly develop themselves. We improve the training program permanently, and each team member (trainees too!) has the opportunity to influence this process. The employees are also regularly assessed: it helps to evaluate the current level and understand the perspective of development in the company.

bg Andrew Artyukhovsky

Andrew Artyukhovsky

Head of Quality Assurance Department

We are effective not due to strict rules but due to productive professionals.