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How we work

The team works on a wide range of tasks because Go is ideal for:

  • backend development
  • system programming (command-line utilities, networking, OS, etc.)
  • web development
  • automation of processes and functions (DevOps, automated testing, etc.)

We take on projects from scratch, but we can easily integrate them into finalizing a platform or application that is already being developed or needs improvement.

What do we do

A Go developer faces tasks in various domains, from finance and logistics to education and healthcare, and also deals with highly loaded multi-component systems. Therefore, constant training and development in the profession are required here. In addition, multitasking, the ability to keep a lot of details in mind, and the ability to easily switch ⎼ all this will come in handy in the work of a Go developer even more than in other departments.

Our team

There are 42 people in the department, but this will grow more noticeably: the demand for projects on Go is constantly growing.

Tech Stack


bg Herman Samolazov

Herman Samolazov

Head of Go Department

It is no surprise that Golang is steadily conquering the IT world: this language fully meets the needs of software development of any complexity in various industries and areas. Go has a great future in programming ⎼ and Go developers, too!

Project examples