The 3D Design department is a team of designers, artists and illustrators. We engineer 3D graphics and create cool products for 20+ business domains.

  • 6+ years of experience
  • 9 designers
  • 40+ projects

What we do

We have all the resources for the great start and growth in the 3D direction. We are constantly improving our expertise and expanding our knowledge, and in our free time we take training courses and participate in meetups. You will learn with the modern tools, find optimal solutions and create impressive projects.

How we work

Our team works with CG particles and shaders, makes 360° videos and creates unique solutions based on AR/VR/MR. One of the directions is virtual assistants: 3D simulation models of people, avatars and clothes.

Our Team

We make a personal map of growth for every employee, which helps understand, in what area a designer can develop and how to achieve his goals.

Nikolai Naletko

Nikolai Naletko

Middle 3D Designer

We always dream big and are not afraid to take on challenging tasks and create what others still only vaguely imagine

Project Examples

Vacancies on the 3D