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A whitelabel NFT marketplace solution


The client provides brands with customized blockchain solutions that help them increase revenue streams and engagement by monetizing their digital identity with NFTs.

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, have become extremely popular among brands as another way to gain recognition and revenue from customers. To simplify the process of introducing NFT tokens to brand markets and to make buying these tokens easier and more flexible for users, the client came up with the idea to create a solution for the white label marketplace.


The Innowise team has developed an NFT marketplace from scratch that allows users to create, buy and sell NFT assets through a mobile and web application.

The following sections of the web application are available to users:

  • current listings with detailed information about each lot (serial number, its owner, current price / best offer, etc.)
  • detailed information about a specific product
  • personal account with complex data (balance, belonging to NFTs, etc.)

The mobile app has similar functionality and, in addition, allows brands to package different items in one individual package. The application interface is simple and intuitive, regardless of platform (web, mobile) or role (brand, user).


We managed to turn the general idea of ​​the white label platform into a full-featured flexible platform for selling NFT goods for cryptocurrency and regular currency to a wide range of users.

We have solved several issues, taking into account the development process:

  • created the design of the white label solution and its architecture
  • offered ideas on the functionality of the application and their implementation
  • we provide support for the solution after the release (including the creation and deployment of custom NFT marketplaces for contractors of the customer company)

Tech Stack

PHP, Laravel, React, Vue, Flutter, AWS, S3, EC2, Amazon SQS


15 people: 8 developers, 2 designers, 2 QA engineers, project manager, 2 business analyst

Employee's feedback:

A large team worked on this project, and I was glad to be part of it: some tasks became a real challenge and allowed me to prove myself. It was not easy at times, but the result and feedback from a satisfied client were worth it!

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