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VR fashion showroom


Our client is a European fashion company. The customer designed a unique range of apparel, sneakers, and accessories and was looking for a modern way to promote their products. According to the client's vision and requirements, the digital solution was to combine a virtual fashion gallery and a virtual showroom, allowing users to view and purchase garments.

After studying current trends, our team proposed to create a VR space with several modules. One of the main tasks was to find a balance between maintaining a modern minimalist design and the practicality and information content of the solution. Creating many 3D models from scratch in a reasonably short time was also essential.


The VR space consists of 3 immersive modules.

Module 1 is a 360° virtual fashion show introducing users to the company and brand.

Module 2 is a VR gallery dedicated to the history of fashion. The VR space consists of several halls filled with 3D mannequins with clothes from past eras, themed photos, and videos on the walls.

Module 3 is an immersive VR clothing store with 3D models of actual items for sale. Users can view detailed information about each item of clothing: material, available sizes, colors, price, etc. You can also compare different clothing items, try them on, add them to your wish lists or shopping cart, and make a purchase. The recommendation system automatically suggests the appropriate accessory and footwear for each product.


The resulting virtual fashion gallery and clothing store provides users with a personalized, immersive brand experience and the feeling of being part of a real fashion show. In addition to making the brand stand out from the competition, the solution is a complete e-commerce application that allows users to select, try on, and purchase clothing items virtually. Introducing a virtual 3D showroom has significantly increased sales and brand awareness.

Tech Stack

Unity, C#, Three.js, Ajax, Node.js, Express.js, MySQL, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, ZBrush, 3DStudio Max, 3D-Coat, Marvelous Designer


6 members: 2 developers, 2 designers, qa engineer, project manager

Employee's feedback:

On the one hand, the solution has a lot of functionality from the usual online clothing stores (for example, recommendations). On the other hand, there are new opportunities, in particular, a fitting or an impressive section with the history of fashion, where you can wander even just like that, learn a lot of new things. And all this in VR! It was very exciting to work on the project, and the tight deadlines only increased the excitement. I would love to use this platform as a client: the experience is quite interesting!

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