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VR training app for a manufacturing company


The client is a large European manufacturing company with 5000+ employees and 20+ manufacturing plants and repair service centers throughout the EU.

The company was planning to launch a staffing program for which the client needed a different approach to training.

Innowise Group offered to develop and implement an immersive virtual reality application. The application was supposed to allow workers to learn how to operate production devices non-stop without putting their health and equipment at risk and provide uninterrupted classes for dozens of trainees simultaneously.


The VR application consists of theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part is a responsive presentation with visualized guides and interactive tours of the production facilities. The session also helps with adaptation: newcomers get acquainted with the corporate culture, top management, and company history.

The hands-on mode is dedicated to hands-on experience in VR. In this mode, the application:

  • reproduces natural objects and production equipment
  • simulates interaction with the production environment
  • simulates possible emergencies and gives a precise algorithm of actions to be taken on them

Using authentic images and drawings, our specialists recreated the necessary production facilities and equipment in the form of an immersive virtual environment with interactive elements based on low-poly 3D models.


The client received an interactive, highly immersive VR learning app that proved to be a cost-effective alternative to the standard learning experience.

The company went through the expansion process smoothly and saved significant resources. In addition, the solution made it possible to increase the effectiveness of training:

  • the minimum number of mentors
  • the absence of equipment distracts from the work process
  • better assimilation of knowledge

Tech Stack

Unity, C#, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3DS Max, ZBrush, Substation Painter, Substation Designer, 3D-Coat, Marvelous Designer


9 people: 4 developers, 2 designers, 2 QA engineers, project manager

Employee's feedback:

This application has become an excellent opportunity for developers to apply our skills to the maximum. However, in the end, the safety of the client's employees, the comfort of their training, and the enterprise processes largely depend on the app work's clarity and correctness. It took a lot of work, but everyone was happy with the result!

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