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VOKA.IO – AR assistant


to create an AR medical solution that will become the main assistant for surgeons in carrying out complex operations


We have developed a system that allows us to visualize 3D models of damaged bones, organs, and tissues inside the patient. Doctors perform a CT or MRI scan of the patient, the data is converted into a 3D model, which is downloaded into Microsoft HoloLens glasses. The doctor puts on this device and the model is displayed in augmented reality


Our decision became a key one for the global medical community. We performed the world's first surgery using AR technology. Furthermore, we won silver at the 19th Congress of the European Federation of National Associations of Orthopedics and Traumatology EFORT and won in the "Health and well-being" category at the World Summit Awards 2019. In addition, we cooperate with the 3 Minsk-based all-Republic Scientific Practice Centres

Tech Stack

Unity, C#, MRTK, 3DStudio Max, ZBrush, MS Hololens


15 members: Developers, PM, Doctors, 3D designers, Testers

Employee's feedback

“VOKA IO is an opportunity to get a cool B2B experience and learn how to work with advanced MR technologies and Microsoft Hololens devices. We are constantly improving the product, solving non-standard tasks. While working on VOKA IO realizing that you make the world a better place”

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