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Virtual AR Companion


Elaborate a solution with Augmented reality elements that helps get over feelings of loneliness and the various spectrum of psychological problems through a supportive conversation with a companion


The system detects changes in the user's mood and adapts to his psychological state and topic of conversation. Our team visualized the avatar of the virtual companion and synchronized his speech with facial expressions. Then we created the ability to customize new parameters for a particular user and developed an online store, where they can buy clothes for the companion


We improved the visualization system, expanded the customization settings for the model, developed a shopping cart, and implemented a new integration system. The solution is already in the public domain and is used by several hundred people

Tech Stack

Unity, C#, Speech Graphics, Playables AP, Android, iOS, Web application


5 members: Unity developers, 3D designers, Testers, Project manager

Employee's feedback

An interesting and complex project at the same time. We started by developing the avatar of the virtual interlocutor, involving many third-party integrations. As the solution progressed, new features were added: an online store, customized settings. We discussed all this with the customer. Now the product is one of the largest AR projects in the CIS. I am very happy to be a part of the idea!

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