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System for Data Collection and Validation


Create SAP system model, transfer monolithic architecture to microservices while preserving existing data loading methodology


The system helps users to import different file types and automatically merge them.To meet the client's specifications, we applied knowledge of distributed cloud architecture, which allows individual services to be developed, tested, and scaled independently of each other. In addition, we developed a number of filters to quickly search, sort, and validate the information and created dashboards to visualize the data.


As a result, all data retrieval and validation take place in seconds. The system manages the indicators in a flexible way, making it possible to search and visualize information in the form of images and graphs

Tech Stack

Azure Search Index, .NET web API, React, Azure Functions, Azure Service Bus, Azure Queue


4 members: developers, project manager

Employee's feedback

This was a project for those who love challenges and know how to work with Big Data. Along with the latest technology stack, we applied a fully distributed cloud architecture to create, test, and scale individual services independently. It was an interesting experience

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