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Street graffiti art mobile game


The client specializes in developing various genres of mobile games for Android and iOS. The task is to create a game dedicated to Western street culture. The main character is a graffiti artist whose habitat is a modern western metropolis. The client company also partnered with a premium European streetwear brand and renowned fashion designer to create product placement and increase visibility for the game.


The game combines features of different genres. We have developed a third-person game that puts the player as a street graffiti artist. The character's primary goal is to explore the city, draw graffiti and avoid the police. Players can run away from police cars if they are spotted. However, if they are caught, the game is over.

What can you do in the game?

  • run, jump, climb and fly
  • draw graffiti
  • run away from the police
  • customize the character (choose clothes)
  • complete tasks and score game points
  • move up the rankings and become the king of graffiti

We also implemented a unique modern urban style and a diverse selection of streetwear, with characters wearing digital replicas of real-life clothing from a partner brand.


From scratch, our team has developed a street graffiti mobile game for iOS and Android. As evidenced by the high ratings (4.5 in Google Play and 4.2 in the App Store), the game has received recognition from the players. According to user reviews, the game is a refreshing way to have fun and get to know modern street art and street fashion.

We are constantly working on improvements to attract more users and improve the gaming experience, such as adding new multiplayer features and monetization options.


JavaScript, Unity, PostgreSQL, C#, JQuery


3 members: developers

Employee's feedback:

The project was unusual but exciting. First, we created creative mechanics from scratch and improved existing ones. We worked with Firebase technology for authorization through various social networks. We worked in a small group of three people and worked closely with the customer's team to make joint decisions.

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