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Social Network for Travel Enthusiasts


Create new functionality for the social network of travelers, develop new system modules


To speed up the network, our specialists helped to move from old and difficult-to-support servers and version control systems to new optimized solutions with wide functionality (Digital Ocean, Git), cleaned up Docker and configurations, and developed a multi-tenant system.

Extended functionality of the solution includes:

  • view a map of the city with interesting places
  • discussion of sights and trips in text chats
  • payment systems for online purchases


A social network with many integration options that allows you to find like-minded people and travel ideas, keep a diary of adventures, and share impressions.

Tech Stack

Python 2.0, JavaScript, Angular , Redis, Postgres, Docker


7 members: developers, 3D designers, testers

Employee's feedback

A compelling solution that requires a creative approach. On the project we implemented the best practices: used a multi-tenant architecture, cloud data storage, implemented new functionality for the ability to mark places on the map and make payments directly through the platform. Does that sound great?

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