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Work Schedule Management System


Upgrade a system that tracked working hours and calculated salary


We improved the system of creating personal cards of employees, which shows the total time spent on work, vacations, and sick leave, and also allows us to calculate the amount of salary or bonus accrued


Managers or product owners were able to manage their employees' time, take into account project workloads, and intelligently schedule work shifts. We were able to increase the transparency of the payment system and, as a result, optimize the workload of the company's staff

Tech Stack

Python , Django , Postgres, Jenkins, Docker, BitBucket


10 members: developers, PM, testers

Employee's feedback

This project was a good chance to learn how to work with data validation. We worked with two parts of the solution, each of which became a popular application in the customer's country. The customer trusted us - and we helped him create a system that he can continue to use to implement his ideas

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