Create a reliable system for managing materials, equipment and working hours of employees on numerous projects


We have created a system that allows you to control various aspects of the construction process. In particular, it provides:

  • the ability to create projects, including participants/responsible persons, and accounting for materials and equipment in the warehouse
  • an interactive map with a detailed description of the objects, which allows you to monitor the status of work in progress and plan the movement of equipment
  • the function of creating reports, contracts, and invoices


The solution helps to conveniently and quickly control all stages of construction. The system allows not only to keep a record of all equipment and building materials but also to track their path, from registration at the appropriate warehouses to logistics between facilities and maintenance

Tech Stack

  • Java 8
  • Angular
  • Material Design
  • Spring Framework
  • Axon Framework
  • Keycloak
  • Docker
  • MongoDB
  • MariaDB
  • Mockito


2 members

  • developers

Employee's feedback

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We worked on the mobile version of the solution. The team included architects, testers, and DevOps specialists. I liked the fact that the team listened to everyone's opinion and we could offer our own solutions

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