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Public Utility Service Digital Platform


Create an electronic portal for effective interaction between city residents and housing and communal services


Any registered user can send inquiries for housing and communal services and municipal economy. The functionality allows you to link the problem to the map of the city and indicate its specifics (water supply, garbage collection, etc.). After moderation, citizens' requests are sent to the responsible organizations for resolution.


The service saves time for citizens to file complaints and suggestions, and it is convenient for the relevant services to accumulate and distribute them. The system is publicly available, so everyone can participate in the city development and improve the quality of services in the housing and communal services sector.

Tech Stack

PHP 7, Yii 2 Framework, JavaScript, VueJS, Vuetify, PostgreSQL, Redis, RabbitMQ


10 members: developers, testers, project manager

Employee's feedback

The project is designed to improve the process of interaction between people, and that's great! When you work on it, you realize that you are helping people

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