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Contract Creation Application


Develop a solution that will reduce the time and cost of preparing various types of contracts


The application was created for the German market, which is known for its complex legislative system and, as a result, extensive workflow. We have created a system of electronic templates for different types of contracts, which eliminates the need to consult with lawyers and accountants for each document.

Users select the desired type of contract and fill in the required data (company name, contract amount, etc.). Ready documents are stored in history, and users can apply them later from any device (PC, smartphone).


As a result, users have received a convenient solution that simplifies and speeds up the preparation of documents, and minimizes routine, freeing up time for more enthralling tasks.

Tech Stack

Flutter, Next Cloud API, Dart, Bloc, RxDart


2 members: developer, tester

Employee feedback

A large enterprise project is what trainers need to learn how to intelligently think through the logic of the solution and learn how to work with a multi-tenant architecture. We improved the UX design and made the solution more flexible and scalable

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