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Platform for the distance learning


To create an online e-learning solution that simulates real-life lessons


We have designed an app where lessons are taught via real-time video conferencing. A variety of features make the learning process interactive: students can "raise their hand" if they want to answer, draw on the virtual board, chat, and take tests created by the teacher


The decision allowed more than a hundred schools to switch to distance learning and continue the educational process during quarantine restrictions

Tech Stack

Java 11, Angular, Spring, Reactor, MapStruct, WebFlux, PostgreSQL, Redis


23 people: developers, project manager, business analyst

Employee's feedback

This is a revealing project for developers. We chose architecture and technology stack on our own, helping the client form the vision of the solution. We worked in small groups of 5-6 people. Each team had its own BA and PM established processes. Well, the project shot out in the end, that's cool!

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