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AI-based application for stock market analysis


Improve an Artificial Intelligence-based stock analysis app that can predict changes in asset prices


Our team carried out a large-scale refactoring:

  • increased the performance of the application when working with heavy loads during the opening of trading
  • optimized queries
  • modernized UI
  • synchronized the application with banks


With this application, you can track the profitability of stocks and stay up to date with the latest market trends. After the update, users have access to the functions of viewing the portfolio of purchased shares, their state at the moment, and the total profitability since the purchase.

The app evaluates the riskiness of portfolios, gives ratings to users, and allows you to subscribe to top traders to follow their latest transactions

Tech Stack

RxSwift, LinkKit, HighCharts, MVVM, StoreKit, FacebookSDK, LinkedinSDK


7 members: developers, project manager, business analyst, designers

Employee's feedback

On this project, I mastered the ARX swift framework, which is new to me, and fully immersed myself in the topic of finance. This is a big product, with an audience of several thousand people. It was really absorbing to work on such a large-scale solution

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