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ML application for asthma management


The client believed most asthma tools were complicated and out of reach for regular asthma patients. It was decided to develop a mobile application to help users manage their disease. The application had to contain enough information so doctors could adjust the treatment and evaluate the patient's progress. Our team had to develop the application functionality and design and implement machine learning algorithms in healthcare.


The Innowise Group team developed the application from scratch and added the integration of Machine Learning algorithms. Finished product:

  • monitors the patient's condition
  • stores information about inhalations performed by the patient and reminds them of their schedule
  • monitors emergencies
  • provides information and advice on asthma management

Users have 2 prominent roles:

  • patients interact with the application to make the process easier and more convenient by filling in the relevant information about inhalers for primary and emergency cases, setting up reminders, etc.
    • administrators maintain a list of available inhalers so that patients can always find their medicine in the application and also update the ML algorithm with up-to-date data


The app allows people with asthma to monitor their symptoms using their smartphones. The development has an intuitive interface and many useful features, such as a customizable machine learning algorithm, reminders, a calendar with statistics, and much more.

Tech Stack

Android, iOS, Python, Dart, Flutter, Django, PostgreSQL


6 people: 3 developers, project manager, QA engineer, DevOps engineer

Employee's feedback:

Quite an exciting project that we developed from scratch. The application attracts with its simplicity and usefulness for people with asthma. It allows you to plan and not miss a dose of medication and report all sorts of reasons for the deterioration of health. The most exciting task was to process the audio recording of a medication dose to determine its intake quality. It's cool to be a part of something that changes people's lives for the better.

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