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Lending platform development


The customer specializes in the supply of loan management software for the US market. The company needed to create a web-based loan management platform for credit companies, banks, brokers, and individual and business users. The project was already under development when our team started it.


The credit system is a web platform with two main types of accounts: credit companies and brokers. In the application, you can apply for various kinds of loans. There is also a matching system to help you choose the right lender or broker based on credit terms, rating, location, etc.

The lending platform application provides users with specific dashboards according to their roles. Brokers, underwriters, loan sales representatives, individuals, and legal entities can perform the following actions:

  • apply for a loan
  • accept or reject loan applications
  • view available loans and loan companies
  • download personal financial statements
  • check for credit
  • evaluate loan applicants
  • view detailed statistics

The system uses statistical methods to analyze data received directly from potential borrowers (i.e., personal financial statements), internal sources, and third-party services.


The platform has gained wide recognition in the US online lending market due to its intuitive design, advanced functionality, and high performance. User feedback confirms that the app simplifies lending processes, helps you make informed decisions, and optimizes relationships.

Innowise Group continues to upgrade and maintain the system: our team is involved in the long-term development plan of the application.


PHP, Laravel, Angular, AWS, AWS SKDs, fruitcake/laravel-cors, DBAL, Cartalyst, Laravel Tinker, Zendesk, Sentry, Twilio SDK


4 members: developers, qa engineer

Employee's feedback:

An exciting project where I got acquainted with the American lending system, created functionality for analyzing related documents (tax form, financial information form, etc.), and worked and implemented interaction with the Stripe payment system. In addition, it was necessary to work with the Amazon technology stack, which is also exciting and valuable for any IT specialist. Therefore, we had diverse tasks and freedom of action to implement them. Helpful experience and pleasant customer. It is a pleasure to work on such projects.

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