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Corporate app "My Innowise"


All corporate information was distributed through local chats or email. As the company grew, the communication process became more complicated, and valuable information for employees was stored in different applications and tools.

There was a need to create a mobile application for quick and easy access to information, uninterrupted communication, and prompt resolution of issues. The transition to remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic has only reinforced this need.


We have developed a cross-platform application for iOS and Android devices. It also allows you to quickly send requests to the company's internal systems to resolve various issues.

Here is just a part of the functionality available in the application:

  • company's news
  • company statistics (offices, headcount, markets, etc.)
  • calendar of corporate events
  • FAQ (valuable links, information about remote work, vacation, sick leave, etc.)
  • box for complaints and suggestions
  • job booking service
  • up-to-date bonuses + employee profile that works as a virtual discount card


The company's employees actively use the application to view news and essential information about the company. In addition, successfully implemented personalized functions for different user groups: for example, local information for offices in other cities.

With quick access to app services, app traffic grew by 209% in three months.


Java 17, Web Flux / Reactor, iOS, Android, Flutter, Dart, Firestore, Firebase, Firebase Analytics, Firebase Crashlytics, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Kafka, Keycloak, Grafana, REST, MapStruct, Lombok, Spring Boot, Spring Security, Flutter Test, Prometheus, Spring Data Mongo, Spring Data R2DBC, WebView, Bloc, Dio, http, Websockets, Mocktail, SharedPreferences


10 members: 4 developers, DevOps engineer, qa engineer, designer, architect, project manager, business analyst

Employee's feedback

This project for me as a business analyst turned out to be entertaining and sometimes even exciting. In the course of development, before each sprint, the team and I think over new features and functionality, decide what our users might like, and simplify their everyday life in the company. Then, we have the true freedom to create the project. The team is small but very soulful, and every group member is a fan of this app.

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