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Cardiac Monitoring Platform


Development of functionality for a web solution so that doctors can continuously monitor the condition of patients and prescribe the treatment without a personal meeting


The platform was developed from scratch. We note some features:

  • remote diagnostics and treatment appointments are possible due to the analysis of reports from portable heart monitors
  • the platform integrates with third-party services, for example, insurance companies, which makes it convenient to bill for services and receive payments
  • additional protection of personal data means that the doctor has access to information only of his patients


Automation of the work of the cardiological center and the handy implementation of the electronic card file save time for doctors and patients.

Tech Stack

.NET , Devexpress, Cosmos DB, RedisCache, T-SQL, Azure Functions


3 members: developers, project manager

Employee's feedback

On this project, I trained how to work with large databases and new libraries, cloud APIs. Now more than 10 clinics and cardiology departments use this medical platform

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