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Archer: mobile archery game development


In 2021, game development enthusiasts inside Innowise Group came up with a casual mobile puzzle game with a bow and arrow for Android to try out their game development skills.


Our team has developed a mobile puzzle game from scratch. The main idea is that the player strives to hit the maximum number of targets on the map and faces various problems. In addition, the developers have implemented a variety of puzzle mechanics to make the game more fun. For example, some targets must be hit simultaneously to be considered complete. Also, some marks are blocked by various objects that need to be shot in multiple creative ways.

In the process, players can stop the game and restart it anytime. During the pause, it does not matter how much time the player spends outside the game.


Our team created a casual mobile puzzle game in just two months. We designed everything from scratch: visual elements, game mechanics, menu navigation, and other features.

Tech Stack

Unity, Android, C#, Blender, Figma


6 people: 3 developers, project manager, qa engineer, business analyst

Employee's feedback:

It was an attractive creative project with enough exciting tasks to develop specific mechanics and build levels. From a technical point of view, it's great that we got to know DOTween and, for the first time on projects, made a system for saving progress between levels (with stars, etc.). Interesting mechanics include different arrows: double and triple, divided at adjustable angles after a given amount of time; freezing, fiery, portal (it created portals through which other arrows could pass), etc. We also made different targets: regular, moving, and double. In a word, we had the opportunity to apply technical skills and give free rein to the imagination.

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