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FAMI's Birthday

29 March07.00Minsk
Technological Development

FAMI's Birthday

It's been an incredible week for Innowise at BSU! It was with great pleasure that we visited the students, congratulated them on the birthday of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics and prepared several activities:

  • company stand: introduced the students to the industry, told about the company and internships

  • chill zone: played PS5 and drank a lot of coffee

  • speeches of speakers: we talked about IT, shared our expertise, listened to the reports of our employees:

Andrey Artyukhovsky, topic "Everything begin from QA"

Evgeny Podlesny, topic "Vue3 or your start in IT"

Nikolai Shalda, topic "Why PHP is cool"

Evgeny Shapovalov, topic "Android, iOS, Flutter Roadmap"

  • sweet bonus: tasted the most delicious cakes and cupcakes from Innowise

Thanks to everyone involved in this celebration!






Main building of BSU, Nezavisimosti ave., 4