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We took part in Bison Race again

10 July 20229.00

We took part in Bison Race again

You were wrong if you thought that we were scared and would no longer participate in the Bison Race. Indeed, we analyzed all the mistakes, worked out a strategy and came to test ourselves. Innowise was represented with even two (!) teams!

The extreme race has prepared new challenges for us — 20+ obstacles. This time we:

  • jumped over the fiery strip
  • climbed the barriers and walls
  • crawled under barbed wire and electric wires
  • dragged a huge tire and concrete blocks
  • ran with a loop on our legs and a heavy ball on our shoulders
  • swam under balloons (in clothes and sneakers!)
  • got out of nets
  • overcame monkey bars, strained slings, ropes

Yes, it was difficult, but we did it!