We like to share emotions: rejoice in success and achievements, celebrate eccential dates in every employee’s life - and company life. New Year, Halloween, Programmer’s day or birthday, we celebrate equally fun, tasty, and enjoyable. No one is bored: at Innowise, we know how to create a festive atmosphere and engage everybody.

Team Buildings

Team Buildings at Innowise have their unique style. We approach the organization of each event with imagination and make it thematic, bright, and memorable. We don’t need an occasion to get together (by the whole office or department) and have a good time. Pizza day on Fridays, movie nights, cyber tournament, party with board games, and twister - these are not all of our ideas.

Sport Activities

We support an active lifestyle in different forms: marathons, kayaking, weekend outdoors. We offset our employees for training costs, whatever direction they choose. Sport is our main passion, and we do it together and alone. We never get tired of talking about being active is cool!

More details about sport at company

The positive vibe and energy of the team make our job more classy and exciting!