We equipped kitchens at Innowise offices with containers for separate waste collection. We collect the paper and cardboard, then transfer them to kindergartens for waste paper and crafts. We have eliminated confetti and balloons, cut back on plastic purchases, and use paper plates in the office kitchens and corporate events.

Green offices

In our work areas, we use only living plants. The Brest office even has a tradition: to give them to colleagues from other cities when they come on a business trip. And to accept plants too: Brest team didn't buy any single flower, only sheltered.


We know that not everyone understands what is wrong with everyday habits. At Innowise, we make lections for employees so that everyone knows: what is complex garbage, how to get rid of unnecessary things, why it is essential to refuse packages at the checkout.

Rest at nature

We like spending time outdoors. Kayaking, campfire gatherings, team buildings with relay races and games ⎼ whatever format we choose, we always clean up after ourselves and try not to harm nature.

The positive vibe and energy of the team make our job more classy and exciting!