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AI for the newbies: let’s talk about some imperfections!



We are a software company and, of course, we work with artificial intelligence on our projects. And we didn't miss an opportunity to use AI in our social media and copywriting activities too. They say, “AI will replace humans soon”, but we doubt it. Here are some tips about typical problems with popular services that we have faced. Funny examples are guaranteed!


First let’s talk about ChatGPT. We asked it to create descriptions for our youtube videos, jokes about IT for our TikTok and even tips for Twitter! Mostly it was fun and helpful (even when we didn’t get some jokes, ahaha), but we’ve noticed some bugs.

The fact is that it’s not the best source of new ideas, especially for those who have little experience in writing prompts. When you want to write a text about some common things like mistakes of IT-beginners or describe an internship (it may be boring, but necessary!), AI gathers such obvious information! Here you can see some points from the text about beginner’s mistakes. Not very impressive, right?

image particle triangles

But let’s be fair: sometimes ChatGPT manages to look at familiar things from a different point of view. And you should remember: the more information you put into the prompt, the better result you get. It’s absolutely true, especially when it comes to highly specialized topics.

It also can be very helpful with lists and tables - ChatGPT seems to be passionate about them (haha). So if you need a list of drawbacks (of remote work, for example) or methods, this AI will make it.

The other problem is that ChatGPT have learned on materials released before summer 2021. It doesn't matter when writing about some constant things, but you obviously can’t discuss later news or write an article about IT labor market in 2023.

image particle triangles

We also know about problems with some languages: English prompts still work best, they say. But it’s not true! We also tried to write prompts in German, Polish and Russian: no problems with the first two (the same good speed, clear sentences, etc) and veeeery sloooow reaction, unfinished texts and incorrect phrases in the third one.

Final tip: ChatGPT has become famous for notable achievements like passing an interview for a well-paid engineer position, but you know what? It’s not a miracle. Working with AI still demands to formulate your ideas as clearly as possible, to correct them if needed and to try different ways to get the desired result. In order to achieve it, AI still needs your help and active participation - and it hardly will change soon.


Now let’s turn our attention to one of the most impressive tools of the 2022. We spent a lot of funny hours asking this AI to illustrate IT-jokes from ChatGPT or creating pics for our HR-texts.

Dozens of small businesses decided to save their budgets for graphic design and rushed to create logos with the help of AI. Good idea but poor execution: as many others graphic AI, Midjourney isn’t good at putting text into images. Let us explain with an example! We’ve asked AI to create a logo for a family cake business aaaaaand… here you can see the result:

image particle triangles

Of course, you can catch common ideas of logo, it’s an excellent source of inspiration, but still you have to create the final version by yourself.

Unfortunately, you will run into the same problem every time when trying to put some text on an image.

Have you ever asked AI to create a human character? That’s when things really get out of hand. No, really, some of those hands will give you nightmares, it’s guaranteed. And yes, there are many tutorials and schemes for inexperienced drawers but AI hasn’t studied them - it used thousands of pics, where human’s hands look completely different depending on the angle. How much time will it take to fix that bug? Place your bets!

How many fingers do you see?

image particle triangles

Poor/strange fantasy. Unexpected but true. Midjourney and other drawing AIs can offer you fantastic pics in the number of techniques, but anyway - sometimes it can’t compare with a human's imagination or catch the main idea, no matter how professional at writing prompts you are. Example: we had asked Midjourney to illustrate a joke about remote work. Here it is:

“How do you know if a remote worker is really productive? He started wearing pants again.”

And we swear, everybody has imagined something more funny than that (look at the pic below). We had tried again and again, with different prompts, of course, but the result was still boring.

image particle triangles

At last, we have a kind of life hack. If you have a creative block, try to combine unexpected, incompatible concepts in your prompt (bees and spaghetti, shark and sandwich, cheese and Oscar ceremony) or write a small story instead of separated words (Meryl Streep is eating cheese and cookies at the Oscar ceremony broadcast). Sometimes expectations will not be met and the result will look quite boring or predictable, but after a number of attempts you surely will get a great result!

Here are the pics for prompts “Ryan Gosling, Hawaii, cocktails, cartoon style”.

image particle triangles

And there is a shark sandwich!

image particle triangles

Of course, this is not all the nuances of working with ChatGPT and Midjourney: we grabbed what was on the surface. We continue to study these tools (including new versions!) and promise to share our findings and life hacks.