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Marker-based AR real estate application


The client is a primary European developer in residential and commercial real estate. The company was looking for new digital ways to draw attention to its product and increase sales. Their main task was to create a mobile application demonstrating the high comfort of the apartments for sale and the high-class architecture of the constructed facility.

Taking into account the goals and objectives of the customer, our IT specialists proposed to develop a mobile application with augmented reality functionality.


Innowise Group has developed a marker-based AR app for iOS and Android.

Our team created an impressive marketing presentation while accomplishing two main goals: attract more buyers and maintain high technical accuracy. The AR app was created with the following critical elements in mind:

  • images are based on actual footage and technical drawings
  • omnidirectional HD 3D models, fully controlled by the viewer
  • highly interactive scalable models
  • easy to use, intuitive interface
  • compatible with any mobile device and platform
  • seamlessly integrated CGI projects, animation, video, and storytelling

We started with content generation, including omnidirectional models, recreating interior and exterior designs, capturing storytelling, and developing lettering. Everything has been designed from the ground up and is fully customizable if you make any last-minute changes.


The real estate marker-based AR app has proven to be a beautiful marketing tool to increase sales and attract more property buyers.

To start the augmented reality tour, a potential buyer scans a printed brochure with a mobile device, and panoramic models grow directly from the 2D images. AR tour provides an immersive user experience and a natural look at the residential area's decor, design, and highlights. In addition, it gives a more authentic representation of the future space.

Tech Stack

Swift, Kotlin, Android Studio 4.1.0+, Objective-C, MVP, Clean Architecture, RxJava2, Dagger, Google Play Services & Billing, Hiya SDK, Multi-Modules, Firebase, MParticle SDK, Vuforia, C#, Unity Engine


6 members: 3 developers, designer, qa engineer, project manager

Employee's feedback:

The project was challenging but extremely exciting and allowed me to put into practice a wide variety of knowledge. Therefore, I can say on behalf of the whole team: we are satisfied with the product received because, firstly, it looks spectacular, and secondly, it is a marketing tool that has shown its effectiveness from the very beginning. So, everything was not in vain!

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