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Business Intelligence System For Plants


The client provides comprehensive ERP systems for large enterprises and auditing and consulting services for manufacturing companies. Client-side analysts are accustomed to counting all the costs and expenses of different plants in cumbersome Excel spreadsheets. However, the more data was in the tables, the slower the program worked. Moreover, users often had to change the formulas inside the cells manually. It slowed down the analytical process and led to errors.

The client had an idea to integrate an additional module into the existing ERP system, with detailed production analytics and forecasts.


Our team developed the missing part for the existing ERP platform from scratch, which covers the production structure, the relationship between its components, costing, and modeling.

Let's highlight several essential parts of the web solution:

  • company structure. You can create a factory model by adding workshops, equipment, and modules. From here, you can open a section with accumulated information about each division: pages with a general overview of work and output, manufactured and defective products, materials used, losses, and labor costs
  • cost module. Here is a summary of production costs for the selected period.
  • modeling module. It's part of the cost module that allows you to model top-down and bottom-up scenarios. Analysts can set reduction targets (eg cost, loss) and obtain annual cost optimization estimates.


The client provided interface layouts and formulas for calculating production costs, and our team made the rest: software architecture, technology selection, frontend, and backend development. We turned the complex logic of relationships between all parameters into an efficient system of calculations on the Backend side and visual graphs and tables in the user interface.

Tech Stack

.NET 5, SQL, Swagger, CQRS, RxJs, Tensorflow.js, NgRx, Material, Bootstrap 4.6, Angular 11, D3.js, ngx-datatable


10 people: 6 developers, 2 business analysts, project manager, QA engineer

Employee's feedback:

We got the system in a rather confusing form: a lot of data and complex relationships between them, low speed, frequent errors, etc. But, on the other hand, the client had a clear idea of ​​how it could be improved - we only had to develop and launch a solution. As a result, the system has become more convenient and intuitive, and its speed has also increased, which could not but positively affect the processes in the client's company. It's great to be a part of such a positive change!

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