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Opening of a new office in Gomel

27 May, 14.00, Gomel

Opening of a new office in Gomel

We did it! Finally, we came from all over the country and solemnly opened a new Gomel office! Now Innowise team works in a separate building, occupies 3 floors and boasts a stylish interior, a spacious kitchen and a cool location - in the city centre, next to the park!

Here's what we did at the opening:

  • celebrated the event with a small buffet
  • chatting with co-workers you haven't seen in a while
  • guessed drinks
  • played "lick, bite"
  • tried to understand by touch what is hidden in the box (mouse, lizard, cockroaches - not all that the contestants had to touch!)

We wish our Gomel colleagues productive and pleasant work within these walls: it's great here!






Office on Biletsky str., 9

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